Fill-in dancers

Sometimes a course has a big imbalance between leaders and followers. To overcome this, Swingum can select participants to fill up the gap, called “fill-in dancers”. It is possible to apply to become a fill-in dancer, either as a leader or follower, during a particular dance course. The only requirement is that the participant should have previously completed a course at the same level or higher. Those who are selected can take the course for free. When you are a fill-in dancer, you take the course on the same conditions as all the other participants – i.e. you do not behave like an instructor, you can ask questions and take part in discussions just like everybody else, and you dance with everyone.

An application to become a fill-in dancer is made for a specific course. You apply for the course as normal and in the application you write that you would like to become a fill-in dancer. If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation from the instructors at the latest one week before the course starts. Your selection will depend on how many leaders and followers have applied for the course.