About Swingum

Lindy hop ’til you drop!

Swingum is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organisation which focuses on 1920’s-30’s swing dances originating in Harlem, New York.
Swingum works towards spreading swing dance and its associated culture in Umeå and the surrounding areas, as well as organising dancing activities for its members. You can become a member here: Membership.

The heart of Swingum’s organisation is our different working groups. Each group works voluntarily within its area. All in the working groups have a passion for Lindy hop and enjoy the fun of engaging themselves behind the scenes. Together we make Swingum a living society, whose culture continually grows and develops. If you have any tips or ideas yourself and would like to get involved in a working group, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Swingum’s working groups

Dance hosts group
If you are social, trustworthy and like meeting people, this group could be for you! The dance hosts group Dansvärdsgruppen work as hosts during Swingum’s social dance evenings. We in the group set up the dance venue with a cosy atmosphere as well as taking care of the cash box at the entrance and greeting the dancers as they arrive. We always work in pairs at the dance evenings so that each of us will also have plenty of time to dance and have fun ourselves during the evening! The dance hosts group also focuses on creating a welcoming and fun feeling for our group members.

If you love to dance, enjoy teaching others while learning yourself and like to put yourself in other people’s dance shoes, you might be a great fit for this group! The Instructors group works with organising and developing Swingum’s dance courses. They teach the different types of swing dance that Swingum offers, for example Lindy hop, Balboa, Authentic jazz, Charleston and more.

“Fika” group
If you would like to give dancers a burst of energy to spend on the dancefloor and either love baking or could like to buy an assortment of tasty cakes for the dance evenings, this is the perfect group for you!

The “ELLA” group organises fun weekend dances such as “Swingum Summit”, consisting of courses taught by internationally renowned teachers and amazing evening dance parties.

If you think that different swing music styles are fascinating and you would like to create a nice mix of music to suit different dance levels and bring joy to the dancefloor, this group would be just right for you! DJango is Swingum’s musically talented DJ group, who play music at social swing dance evenings and book great bands for our Lindy Hop Live evenings!

Marketing group
If you would like to find new ways for Swingum to be seen and heard and would enjoy posting fun, inspirational dance videos to social media, this group is perfect for you! The Marketing group (previously called SMIT) works towards marketing Swingum, developing this website and ensuring that Swingum is represented via various social media. The group also focuses on a strong welcoming and creative feeling among its members, where everybody’s ideas are welcome.

The Board
The board of Swingum holds responsibility for the organisation’s activities, decisions and economy. This group focuses on developing Swingum as a strong part of Umeå’s culture!

New to a working group?

You who joins a working group need access to:

Swingweb, a web-based work tool where you can find member contact details and lots more

– Swingum’s Dropbox folder, where we keep forms, planning documents and lots more

To get access to these tools, do the following:

1. Ask your working group’s leader to contact Swingum’s IT leader and inform that you have joined the group. You will then be registered in Swingweb as a group member.

2. You will then get an email explaining how the Dropbox folder works.

3. Answer this email so that the IT leader knows your email address works and you agree to join the group.

4. You will then receive a password for access to Swingweb and the Dropbox folder.

If you need help don’t hisitate to ask your group leader.