For a long time Swingum has been a gathering place for dancers of different kinds of swing dances – in november 2020 we actually turn 15! Over the years Swingum has developed in all sorts of ways through course activities, social dances and events to name a few. Now the time has come for further development – namely a new logo and website! Even though it is with a little sadness in our hearts that we wave goodbye to the old logo with the dancing couple, we welcome the new logo and a redesigned website with open arms. We hope that you will feel at home with these changes also. The website will be continuously updated and during that time it may look a bit messy, but we hope to solve it in the near future.

For Swingum as well as for the rest of society and the world, 2020 has not turned out quite as we thought or hoped. Canceled courses and social dances have unfortunately made it difficult for many to maintain their dancing, not to mention how sad it is not to be able to meet each other, socialize and develop our dancing together. However, in times like these, the most important thing is that we look out for each other and our loved ones so we can remain safe. We sincerely hope that you will want to continue dancing with us when the restrictions are lifted and we can meet again.

We will be here waiting for you!


Swingum is a dance association that makes it possible for Umeå residents to dance the swing dances Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Balboa, Step and Collegiate Shag. Our greatest focus is on Lindy Hop – a swing dance from the 1930s Harlem, New York which is danced by people of all ages and all over the world. Read more about our dances!

Swingum continuously organizes courses and evenings with social dancing, as well as opportunities to try a free Lindy Hop beginners crash-course in connection with the “Swing evenings” or “Lindy Hop Live”. The courses we offer are given from beginner level to advanced level. We organize several different types of courses including weekly courses, weekend courses, intensive courses, workshops and annual events!

Swingum offers a variety of various social dance evenings. We dance to fun swing music from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Evenings with live bands are called “Lindy hop live”. During the Swing evenings we dance to DJ and sometimes we have slow dance sessions or a Balboa hour in connection with these.

As a Swingum member, you have an exclusive opportunity to practice your dancing during our training times on Thursdays. We are located in Umeå Folkets Hus and sometimes there is an instructor on site to help you with your training. Become a Swingum member!


På Ordenshuset har vi våra socialdanskvällar, på Folket Hus har vi våra kurser! We have our dance nights at Ordenshuset and our courses at Folkets Hus!