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Do I need to register together with a dance partner?2016-06-04T14:18:37+02:00

No, most people register individually. But because lindy hop is danced in pairs, follower and leader, it is important that we have a fairly even balance of followers and leaders on our courses. Which dance roll you choose, follower or leader, is entirely free without any rules.

What happens after I register for a course?2016-06-04T14:17:53+02:00

We aim to have a fairly even balance between leaders and followers, so unfortunately when you register to a course it is not guaranteed that you will get a place. You will get information about this in an email that is sent to you within a few days of registering for the course. In this email you will find out which queue number you got.

If you are told that you did not get a place but are in a queue then your registration is no longer binding. But you will remain in the system in a queue until the course starts and you may still get offered a place on the course if we get more registrations or some cancelations. You can even get a place on the course if you yourself find a partner that registers specifically as your dance partner on the course, as long as the course is not full. Once you get a place on the course, which could even happen just before the course starts, you will be notified by email.

How do I pay for my course?2016-06-04T14:18:20+02:00

If you are accepted to the course you must pay the course price before the first lesson. Details on how to pay will be included in the confirmation of acceptance to the course that you will have received by email.

What does it mean to register for a course?2016-06-04T14:18:53+02:00

All who register are place directly in a queue as soon as the registration comes in. We usually quickly confirm whether you got a place on the course or alternatively, which queue number you have.

Registrations are binding!

Our dance courses are popular and we must know how many places are available to offer, therefore registrations are binding. If, despite registering for a course, you realize you cannot attend, please let us know as soon as possible before the course starts. Otherwise you may be billed the whole course price.

How do I become a member?2019-11-25T00:57:10+01:00

You can become a member by clicking the link below and then clicking the British flag at the top right corner to change to English!;mship;new


How much is the membership fee?2016-06-04T14:19:11+02:00

Membership costs 300 SEK for a full year and 200 SEK if you sign up after 1st July. The membership lasts until 31st of December.
This fee not only supports Swingum, but also gives you free access to the swing evenings and a reduced fee at the lindy hop live evenings!

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