Lindy hop

Lindy Hop
Lindy hop, sometimes called jitterbug or swing, is an upbeat partner dance which is danced to jazz and swing music. The dance originates from 1930’s New York.
Many associate lindy hop with a high tempo but the tempo can actually vary from very slow to very fast. The acrobatic part of the dance is usually only used in choreographed routines. The dance is free and built on improvisation, the music and the connection between the two dance partners, the leader and the follower.

Swingum’s lindy hop courses

See below for a description of our lindy hop courses.The courses are in Swedish but if some of the participants are English speaking then the course can be held in English. There is one basic and one continuation course held every term.

Lindy hop basic (beginners)
Prerequisites: None
In our basic course you learn the basics of lindy hop. No previous experience is needed. We work on the basic steps, the feeling and style of the dance and some basic moves and turns. Take one full course of 14 lessons or two separate courses of 7 lessons.

Lindy hop continuation levels
Prerequisites: Basic course (14 lessons) or equivalent.
Blue, red and green with different themes (musicality, lead-follow, and jazz/variations).
The three continuation courses are held on a rolling schedule, so each one is not offered every term.

Themed courses
Prerequisites: Vary, see respective course.
With varying length and content.