Authentic Jazz

Authentic Jazz is referred as an individual dance to traditional swing music. The genre is stylistically and historically represented best through Hollywood films produced mainly during the 30s, 40s and early 50s.

During Authentic Jazz courses we focus on rhythm and traditional jazz steps that were developed during the era. Authentic Jazz is a great addition to Lindy Hop since these dance forms are close to each other and moves from each can be applied to the other.

Authentic Jazz new beginners
At the beginner level of authentic jazz Swingum gives two courses, Shim-Sham and Jitterbug Stroll.
Note!!! The order does not matter, but take both courses before going to the next level!

Authentic Jazz new beginners “Shim Sham”
Prerequisites: None
This course teaches some basic jazz steps. The focus is the classic routine Shim-Sham that Frankie Manning choreographed.

Authentic Jazz new beginners “Jitterbug Stroll”
Prerequisites: None
This course teaches some basic jazz steps. Focus is on the dance routine Jitterbug Stroll.

Authentic Jazz beginner-intermediate “Big Apple”
Prerequisites: Authentic jazz new beginners Shim-Sham + Jitterbug Stroll
In this course you will learn the classic routine the Big Apple, which Frankie Manning choreographed for the movie Keep Punchin’ in 1939.

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